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If you ask us what is a good timeline for investing in Diamoons, we will probably tell you around 50 years.

Yes, we truly believe a simple deflationary DeFi token is one of the best investments you can make for your retirement if you are in your teens, 20s, 30s, or 40s.

Look — its pretty simple.

We are not trying to become a currency, we don’t have a risky commercial venture, and we are not trying to reinvent the moon (although we do plan to get there).

All we offer is an alternative community driven financial asset programmed to…

What is a liquidity pool, and why is it important?

Liquidity Pools, or LP, are a core financial infrastructure in the set up of Diamoons. The initial deployement of the LP determined the market capitalisation and price of each token.

The co-founders of Diamoons supplied the initital liquidity of both $BNB and $DMOON to the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap (there was no pre-sale) and received in exchange LP tokens. We will return to LP tokens later on.

Diamoons began trading in the PancakeSwap DEX with an initial liquidity of about 5,000$ and a market cap of about 40,000$. The tokenomics…

In this article I share my thoughts on the innovation that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is bridging, the challenges, and the opportunities.

Decentralized Finance is an amazing concept powered by blockchain technology and encompassing all aspects of financial transactions via a smart contract, running on a shared or exclusive blockchain network.

As the name implies, Decentralized Finance means there is no central authority governing and regulating. You simply cannot underestimate the power of this simple fact — there is no central authority. This innovation quite simply creates a new realm in which to transact. A new world, a new life.


Hello Diamoons Family, we are proud to announce Ian Scarffe has joined the team as our Blockchain Advisor.

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. A leading expert in Startup, Investment, Fintech and Blockchain industries. Ian currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.

Ian’s overall mission is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities across the world.

Please follow Ian Scarffe on twitter https://twitter.com/IanScarffe and as Ian Scarffe announces the Advisory role, news and articles, please retweet the posts. It will greatly help us to gain more traction.

Diamoons Finance

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